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Rhestr Offer/Kit List

Standard Kit charge consists of Chest mixer, Boom Pole and Microphone in Zepplin

and 2 x Radio mics. All other kit is avalible at additional cost.


PSC kit is in transition however currently


1 x Sound Devices 688 with SL6 - 12 channel PSC/ENG mixer with 16 track recorder (12 iso + 4 mix tracks)

1 x SQN 4iv - 4 channel PSC/ENG mixer and recorder 

1 x Zoom F8 - 8 Channel Mixer/Recorder

2 x Tascam DR10 body worn recorder

6 x Wisycom MPT40S Radio Mic Transmitter

3 x Wisycom MCR42S Radio Mic Reciever

1 x DPA 4017 Shotgun Mic

1 x Audio Techinca 4029 Stereo (M&S) Shotgun Mic

1 x PSC L long boom pole 

1 x Audio Ltd Envoy 2 TXRX

5 x DPA 4060 Lavalire microphone - with a large assortment of clips and foams for fitting/hiding

4 x DPA 4061 Lavalire Microphone

2 x DPA 4061 Slim Lavalire Microphone

1 x Timecode Systems Wave 

6 x Timecode Systems TRX+ (offereing two camera genlocked timecode)

2 x Timcode Systems Syncbac (gopro hero4 sync device)

1 x ElectroVoice RE50 Stick microphone.




1 x MacBook Pro with Ableton Live for Recording/Cue Playback

1 x Motu Traveller

1 x Mackie Onyx 1640 with firewire option

1 x Roland Street Cube EX system for playback.

1 x Roland Micro Cube highly portable speaker

1 x Matched pair of Rode NT5

2 x rode NT1a

2 x Rode NT2

2 x Shure Beta58

1 x Shure Beta57

1 x Shure Drum mic Kit


I have a wide assortment of stands and cables and many different adaptors that always come in handy for those unforseen circumstances. 









Dwi wedi bod yn gwneud sain i teledu ers Mis Rhagfyr 2005 pan nes i dechrau gyda cwmni teledu Tinopolis. Ar ôl tair mlynedd symudais i fel Uwcharolygwr a Goruchwyliwr Sain a roeddwn i yno am  7 mlynedd. Yn mis Mai 2015 mi wnes i ddechre fel Person Sain llawrhydd, yn gweithio i cwmni fy hyn, Elis Griffiths Cyf. Mae fy ngwaith yn cynnwys rhaglenni byw ac wedi eu rhag-recordio i blant ac oedolion, comedi, drama, cwis, Sioe Amaethyddol, Chwaraeon, Crefydd a rhaglenni realaeth.


I started as a Sound Person in December 2004 at Tinopolis in Llanelli and primarily work in Sound for Television. I worked as a Sound Supervisor for for 7 years after those first three years at Tinopolis. In May 2015 I started as a freelance sound person, working for my own company Elis Griffiths Cyf. I am happy working on all types of programming Documentary, Comedy, Sport, Drama, Game Shows, Magazine, Agricultural, Music, Religious and Reality shows, both live and pre-recorded. 

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